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Human Project Podcast 2017

This Blog will go with Podcast I just did in which I selected 2 songs from each of my Six CD's
to play for you.    Many of them are top download sellers, some are not, I just wanted to make sure you could hear them. I also provide a little information on which CD they came from.  I wrote all but one of the songs, I did a cover of Norwegian Wood,  on Human's Last Stand. It has always been one of my favorites.

CD's and songs played from each of them.

            The Real Stuff, 2006             Workin Too Hard               Red Vette Roll
The Real Stuff CD Baby

Human Project II, Humanized 2008            Drive, Drive, Drive               High Anxiety
Human Project II, Humanized

Best of The Human Project 2010         Hard Work Blues             Bad Luck
Best of The Human Project

           Last Train Out 2011              Friday Thang        Requiem For Washington
Last Train Out

                     Human's Last Stand 2014                              The Stripper            …

New CD

New Human Project CD, "Humanized" is released.

The Human. 2017

Hey all fans of The Human Project.  His first new CD in over 3 years has been officially released. It was recorded in Fresno, CA from March 2017 to June. It contains 9 new Human Project tracks.
Fast Train is getting airplay on Bear Radio out of Buffalo New York. Clink link, go to request page, and Clink on F.  You can request Fast Train. Big help to Human Project Music.
Human Project on Bear Radio

Human Project #1 Requested Song
Why? Great Fans.

Humanize will also be on The Independent Music Show out of Lurgan, N. Ireland soon.  CD is on the way to station manager Tom Lambert.

Here are some links to check out with some tracks from sites like YouTube, etc.
Fast Train
Bar Room Meltdown
CDBaby Has the CD!
As soon as CD is out on ITunes and Spotify, I will notify you.
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