Tuesday, August 1, 2017

New You Tube. History of The Human Project & Misc.

Hey Friends and Fans.

I just did a little video I call "History of the Human Project." It is set to my new song Highway 58 that is on the new CD Humanize which by the way is doing well with downloads and sales thanks to you the fans. I had to go through old pics to find this stuff, many have been lost over time but I found enough to tell some of the story. More more detail is in my biography on home page of my website, humanrocks.net

Website link:

Human Project Website

Here is YouTube link:

History of The Human Project.

You can subscribe to my Youtube at the site.

Most of you know I host Human's Show on Podomatic, for over 8 years now. Smokin music from my personal CD Collection. Here is link to that.

Human's Show on Podomatic

Thanks for all your support from all over.

Get Humanized.

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