Tuesday, August 29, 2017

New YouTube Videos

Hello Friends and Fans. Hope all is well. We just can't shake the oppressive heat in the Central Valley of California and the bad air.  106-110 this last week of August.  Mercy.  Hoping to get  a break with this stuff soon as the days start to get shorter.

I made a video to go with my song "Dakota" that is on Humanize.  Here is the link if you would care to check it out.

Click Link above.

AC Myles on lead guitar. Recorded in my home studio.

I just finished writing and recording "Evil On The Loose."  I brought AC Myles over again to put a guitar track on it, and he lit it up as usual.  One thing that really bothers me is racism and hate. And one race thinking they are superior to another.  If these "types" had not marched on Charlottesville, there would have been no issue there. But just know when the Klan and Nazi's march, resistance will show up as it should. And it can be from passive to aggressive.  Its just the nature of the beast when hate comes to town.  They bring it on their dumb-ass selves and their really is no defense of it. First Amendment? Yep. But shaky.  Dumbasses asking for trouble? Double Yep.

Evil on the Loose
Click Link Above.

AC and The Human.
Workin on.."Evil on the Loose."

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Appreciate All my fans world-wide.  I dedicated my last CD, "Humanize," to you.


Pray for Houston and southern Texas.

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