Monday, October 16, 2017

Human Raw II


I just did a show on podomatic called "Human Raw II."  Like the first show in this series, these are songs I recorded in my home studio.  They are for the most part, acoustic driven.  I play almost all the instruments, and on some tracks I bring my friend AC Myles over to add some lead stuff. He is a killer player. 

Human Raw II, is similiar to I with maybe a couple of new tracks, and some older ones mixed in.

This is the link to the show.

I have hosted my show on Podomatic for 8 years now.

If you are not aware of my YouTube Channel, below is the link to it. You can subscribe, and be notified when new videos get put up and check out all the old ones as well.

YouTube Link

I appreciate all the fan support across the globe.

I am truely an independent artist, that finances, produces and markets all of my stuff against the big boys. So you, the fans are appreciated.

Keep it Rockin!!!

The Human
The Human Project.

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