Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New You Tube Folder

The Human has made it easier to find his newer songs, and newer video's.  He created this folder with all of them in it. It contains the 6 most recent ones.

Subcribing to his channel is the ultimate way to get updates and have access to all of them.

Most recent YouTube Folder with recent songs.

With Halloween right upon us, The Human's song "The Creepers,' has been getting tons of hits and plays.  It's a creepy track about ominous things happening in the inner cities when there is a full moon.  He was so into this track he sang the final lead vocal late Halloween night.  The song is from Human Project II, Humanized. It was mastered by Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound NYC.  Steve mastered Keith Richards most recent effort and is one of the top mastering engineers there.

The Creepers.


Dana Long and The Human.
Co-Producers of Human Project II 2008.

With 6 CD's released spanning a time frame of 2006-2017, The Human flies hot and heavy under the big time radar.  His loyal fan base knows exactly who he is.  They are the reason he keeps keepin on.
One day, he might just bust out.  If so, people who support him will be the reason. 

Get Humanized

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