Thursday, October 5, 2017

New YouTube Video and More

Today's world environment is horrible.  Most recently, a brutal mass shooting in Las Vegas.  There just seems to be a lot of hate, instability and intolerance all around.  So, The Human decided to record "Get Together."  It was written by Chet Powers.  It was made somewhat famous by The Youngbloods version in 1967 during the Peace and Love movement. That is what we need more of now.  You can file this away in The Human's Raw series, since it was recorded in his home studio.  Enjoy.  Share it.
It you haven't subscribed to his YouTube Channel, here is the link.

Human YouTube Site

The top 5 downloads for Human Project Music in September were as followed. These stats come from sites like Itunes, Spotify and more.  They are compiled by CDBaby.

1.  High Anxiety.                     From Human Project II 2008
2. Standing in the Shadows     The Real Stuff 2006
3. Requiem for Washington     Last Train Out 2011
4. Bar Room Meltdown           Humanize 2017
5. Fast Train                             Humanize 2017

The Human's Website is:

The Human
The Human Project
"Flyin Hot and Heavy Under the Radar."

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