Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New YouTube

For What It's Worth is really an iconic song of the 1960's peace and love movement. Written in 1967 by Stephen Still's of Buffalo Springfield, it has become literally a soundtrack for this time period.
The Human has done a sparse, acoustic driven version of it in his home studio.  AC Myles came over and put an absolutely stunning lead guitar track on it. The pictures you see in the video try to tell a visual story of key seminal moments from that time up to present times.  So in a sense, The Human is trying to make the video and song relevant for today as well.  It would be impossible to include all the important pictures of events that occurred from then to now. The 60's were full of seminal moments.

So, please enjoy The Human's version of, "For What It's Worth." The link is below.

The Human and AC (Adam) Myles

The Human has written close to 70 original songs from 2005-2017.

He has released 6 CD's. 99% are original tunes.

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