Sunday, November 19, 2017

From Vietnam to Afghanistan

I have always been a student of history.  I actually taught it for 19 years in high school before changing careers in 1995.  I am also old enough to vividly remember the Vietnam War.  I had lots of friends serve, or were drafted.  Some did not come back.  I was not drafted.    I have always thought there were and are a lot of similarities to Vietnam and the war in Afghanistan.  The main one is an enemy that blends in with the countryside, and fights in an unconventional, even cowardly manner.
You can never get them cornered.  Superior military force will not get it done.  Several years ago, when we decided to increase our military presence there, I wrote a song called Taliban Man.  Ultimately, this song draws parallels between the two wars.  Being familiar with Vietnam and the key players like Robert McNamara, of course will help you understand more.  I feel the youth of today unfortunately don't learn enough about the Vietnam War.  I have the greatest respect for our troops that fought there.

So with that little the link below and listen to, "Taliban Man."

I recorded this in my home studio. I play all the instruments.

*I do not publicize this song much or promote it very heavily.

The Human

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