Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Hope this finds the New Year (2018) off to a good start for you.  Hope you are staying well also. There seems to be an epidemic of illness across a broad spectrum all across the country. The main culprit seems to be a very bad strain of flu.

All good with Human Project Music.  December was another very good download month thanks to you, the fans.  41 Different Human Project tracks were downloaded and The Human wrote em all but one.  (Norwegian Wood).  Also, over 200 downloads. 

Here are the top 5, but understand there were many songs very close to these as well.

1). Requiem For Washington           Last Train Out 2013
2). High Anxiety                              Human Project II, Humanized, 2008
3). Norwegian Wood                        Human's Last Stand, 2014
4.) Fast Train                                    Humanize, 2017
5.) Jimmy's Juke Joint                      The Real Stuff 2006

The Human hasn't been too active on the recording front, but he did recently complete, "Roy Boy Blues."  This is about the recent Senate Race in Alabama in which the good people of that state chose to reject a 19th century backwards thinking candidate.  The Human has been known to write stuff that has biting social commentary, so this was fertile ground for this endeavor. Congratulations to the people of Alabama for rejecting this type of candidate.   Here is link to YouTube of "Roy Boy Blues."

Roy Boy Blues
Words and Music by The Human.

The Human still hosts "Human's Show" on Podomatic.

The Human
6 CD's Released.
over 70 songs written.


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