Monday, November 6, 2017

Human Project Downloads and Sales for Oct

I let CDBaby distribute my music to all music and download sites. They also keep track of sales and give me detailed month sales reports.  The month of October was my best month of downloads and sales ever since I started all this in 2006.  One of the main reasons was my new CD, "Humanize," finally got into all distribution sites.  And it hit hard.  The top 6 downloads were all from it.  Overall, there were 18 pages of downloads with close to 300 downloads for the month alone.  Huge.  I am greatful for the fans I have all over the world that step up and purchase my music like this.  Amazing.

Download spread sheets provided by CDBaby
18 Pages
48 Different Songs Downloaded
46 of them written by The Human

Top Downloads

Fast Train                                        From Humanize
Got Myself In Trouble                    From Humanize
Highway 58                                    These 2 tied for 3rd
Backroads                                       Both From Humanize
Bar Room Meltdown                      Humanize
Dakota                                             Humanize

Lots of downloads from previous 5 CD's but  as usual, but for October, Humanize dominated.

New CD Humanize can be purchased here.

All Human Project Music can be found on sites like ITunes, Spotify, and other music distribution sites as well. 

Human's YouTube Channel.

Subscribe if you haven't yet.

Thanks for you support. Human Project fans. Awesome.

Keep it Rockin!

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