Thursday, June 7, 2018

Friday Thang TGIF

The Human getting serious about Friday's. It all started while he was in college.  Classes all week, bustin ass, then when Friday would roll around it would be about cold beer and rock and roll. Lots of both. This continued on through college and even after. Fridays are Fridays. Time to celebrate and party with some cold ones and good music and The Human had plenty. It's one of the reasons he got the nickname, "The Human."  So its only natural that he would write a song all about this and call it........"Friday Thang."  The lyrics tell the story big time. He also made a youtube video that goes with it pretty well too.  So see what Fridays used to be all about back in the day.  Is it that way today? Nah. Don't think so.  For a variety of reasons.  But check out Friday Thang video. The song is available for download at almost all major music distribution sites.

Friday Thang

Friday Thang
Words and Music by The Human. From Last Train Out, 2011.

The Human                          Vocals and Guitar
Dwayne Janzen                    Lead Guitar
John Dees                             Bass
Tom Scott                             Keyboards
Chuck Hernandez                 Drums

Recorded at Cobalt Studio. Fresno, CA 2011.

Produced by The Human and Rafael Carmony.

The Human Project
Real Music.

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