Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Video of the Week. June 2018

This week's featured video is "Standing in the Shadows." It is from The Human's first CD, "The Real Stuff," released in 2006.

With 6 CD's released of almost entirely original music, spanning a 12 year period, The Human is often asked what is his personal favorite is.  It doesn't take him long to answer with "Standing in the Shadows."  Most don't know that there was a CD prior to the Real Stuff.  It was recorded in Porterville, CA in 2005. The studio had a big board and used analog tape.  3 songs came from the Porterville sessions and actually made it onto The Real Stuff CD in 2006. They were simply remixed and remastered.  The quality of the Porterville sessions were not up to what the Human wanted, especially when it came to the drums.  So the tapes were ultimately taken to Fast Traxx in Fresno and dumped into Pro-Tools and drums were upgraded. In the case of Standing in the Shadows, a sax was added during one of the solo parts that wasn't there before. Now, what makes Standing in the Shadows even more interesting is that is almost was never recorded. It was the last song attempted from these sessions. None of the band had even heard the song. The Human had a rough copy of it he did from his own studio. He played it at the studio for the guys and then the basic track was cut in one take.  So, magic definately happened, the song is somewhat of a miracle.  The engineer brought in Joanne Stephens to put harmonies and back-up vocals on the track. Her work further elevated the song.  Remixed and remastered at Fast Traxx in Fresno, you have the final version of Standing in the Shadows.  It's a powerful, emotional song about being stuck in a bad relationship for way too long.  Thus the title, "Standing in the Shadows."  Human calls it his rock anthem. The video and pictures go pretty well with the track to add to its impact and feel.  So, from 2006, The Real Stuff, please check out, "Standing in the Shadow's.

The Human remembers this pic well. Why?
Because they are playing Standing in the Shadows.

6 CD's from 2006-2017
99% original songs.

Get Humanized.

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