Friday, April 14, 2017

New CD Updates April 2017

Studio session is winding down.  All Tracks mixed and we are entering mastering phase.  Six tracks are coming out of Pyramid Studio in Fresno, CA. These were all cut in one session with killer Human Project Backing Band.  Some things were added to the tracks like keyboards and AC Myles Guitar on a couple of tracks.  The Human is also going to add 3 tracks from his home studio to bring total on CD to 9.  All original tracks by The Human.

Here is link to new Promo for the new, but yet untitled release.

Tracks in this promo at not mastered yet, so sound will be even hotter.

Keep checking blogs etc for updates and release date.

Human Project Fans are the best.  We know that.

The Human 2017
This is his 6th CD


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Studio Updates/New CD

Updates New CD

The last blog updated you on how the Human Project Sessions went on March 18, 2017.  During this time, the basic framework of 6 tracks were put down.   Since this time, The Human has been editing the tracks and bringing in other players to fill out the tracks.  Dan Bates from Fresno was brought in to lay down Hammond tracks. Special guest artist AC Myles was brought in to add his slide guitar work to one track and some good southern rock licks to another.  Finally vocals and harmonies have been added.  So we are at the mix-point now, moving closer to the mastering stage.  Also, The Human has 2 or 3 more tracks from his home studio that he is going to add to the final CD.

Here are a few more pics from Pyramid Studio in Fresno, CA

Jerry Leal
Pyramid Studio, Fresno

Special Guest
AC Myles
Slide and Lead on 2 Tracks.

Dan Bates

AC and The Human
The Kid is Good.

The Core Human Project
Dwayne, The Human, Ron and John

The Pyramid Sessions. March of 2017

Top Human Project Downloads for the month of March 2017.  Over 36 different Human Project Tracks were downloaded.  The Top Five Were:

America, Where Are We Now?
Norwegian Wood
Bad Luck
High Fallutin Momma
Standing in the Shadows

Human Project Music and be found on ITunes and Spotify.  Also there are good links to all 5 CD's on his website. He has released 5 CD's and 6 is on the way.  The Human likes this one.

New You Tube

The Human just put up a new You Tube Video to go with a song he recently wrote called, "Keep It To Yourself."  Its a sparse lit...