Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Human Project Music

Snippet of Human Project Music with some pics. Fans already know bout all this.

Human Project Music is original, unique and has groovin, organic, old-school feel with witty lyrics and drivin beats. Ya dig the analog feel? Good hot smoldering blues too. The songs always tell a good story. He is one of the real good singer-songwriters bubbling just under the mainstream radar. The Human has released 6 CD's from 2006-2017. Over this time, his fan base has steadily grown.

The Human
6 CD's Released

Thursday, February 1, 2018

January 2018 Downloads

Hey Human Project Fans.

January was the biggest download month for Human Project music ever!  32 pages of downloads, over 400 individual tracks.  Tons of downloads from all 6 Human Project CD's that span from 2006-2107.  Particularly gratifying was the amount of downloads from The Human's new CD "Humanize." People are finally starting to see just how good that one is.  Recorded from April 2017 and finished in July of 2017. This CD has a real raw organic feel to it, with a majority of the tracks being recorded as close to live as possible.  It is also a testimony to just how good the players are that The Human brings into the studio.  These guys are not gun's for hire studio musician hotshots. They are local Central Valley guys that can always be counted on to step up when The Human calls on them.   But of course none of this happens without the fans that are scattered out all over the world.  From 2006 to the present The Human Project's fan base has steadily grown. 

The statistics for monthly downloads are compiled by CDBaby. They manage and distribute The Human's music to sites like ITunes, Spotify and all other music download sites and they also compile the monthly statistics as well.

Top downloads for January 2018:

Fast Train                                              Humanize 2017
High Anxiety                                        Human Project II, Humanize 2008
Got Myself In Trouble                          Humanize 2017
Backroads                                             Humanize 2017
Highway 58                                          Humanize 2017
Bar Room Meltdown                            Humanize 2018

As you can see, "Humanize" caught fire and dominated the top downloads for January.

Here is the CDbaby link to Humanize, but it is also on Spotify and Itunes and many other sites as well.

The Human
6 CD's Released 2006-2017.

Human Project Fans are the best.

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