Friday, July 13, 2018

Interview With The Human. Central Valley Talk Radio

I was interviewed by Central Valley Talk Radio, Thursday July 12th, 2018.

It was nice to be recognized by "home town" radio and be given a change to shed some light on my music.  That said, it was difficult to talk about my entire music career in 10 minutes.  Easy to leave people out, things out. I did the best I could. People I would like to thank but I didn't  is all the musicians from the Central Valley who have played on my CD's over the past years.  Most from Visalia and Fresno area.  They are bad ass. All you have to do is listen to the CD's.  They make my songs take flight.  Appreciate all of them.

I was born in Georgia, but my formative years growing up were spent in the Central Valley of California in the small town of Corcoran. Went to High School There.  Returned and taught 19 years there. So in a sense, I am a product of the Central Valley. I still live here.  This is where my music comes from.  Yes, there are many outside influences but it all goes down here. In the Central Valley of California.

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From the Central Valley of California.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Top June Downloads and Misc

Greetings from the smokin hot Central Valley of California.  100+ bout everyday now.  Been off the grid for awhile, but I have the top Human Project downloads for June 2018.  This is from all the distribution sites like spotify, ITunes, etc.  44 different Human Project tracks downloaded!  The Human wrote 42 of em.  :)

1.  High Anxiety                        From Human Project II, Humanized. 2008
2. Requiem For Washington      From Last Train Out. 2011
3. Norwegian Wood                   From Last Train out. 2011.
4. Goin South                             From Human Project II, Humanized.
5. Stormy Night in Texas           From The Real Stuff. 2006
6. Hard Work Blues                   From Best of The Human Project. 2010
7. Fast Train                               From Humanized. 2017

The Human Plays Fenders.

Photo Shoot
Last Train Out 2011.

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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Deep Cut, Basement Tapes Human Project

Every so often I do a show with just Human Project stuff. This one is mostly made up of music that has not been released or for sale. Most of it was recorded in my home studio.  It has limitations, especially when it comes to drums, but other than that, I can get a strong sound.  Sometimes I use Conga's or get creative in other ways to make up for it. I like that raw sound I get. I play all the instruments, and some occasions I have my friend Adam, AC Myles come over and he will put a lead track down. This has worked out well, considering no practice goes into it, he just lays it down.  It adds to spontaneousness of it.  The last track, "Connection," is my most recent studio track. I have not done one of these in well over a year.  I talked about this in an earlier blog, but it's a Jagger/Richards tune that was covered by Montrose in 1974. I pattern my cover more after this one.  Very happy with the results. It has not been released for sale yet.

Tracks on the Show

Blowing in The Wind              (Dylan)
Keep it To Yourself
For What It's Worth                 (Stills)
Blues State of Mind
Mescaline Alley
Evil on the Loose
Bad Luck
Hank Didn't Do it This Way    (Jennings)
Vicodin Blues
Connection (NEW STUDIO)  (Jagger-Richards)

Link to show:

Thanks for your support of Human Project Music.  Appreciate ya where ever you are all around the globe.

6 CD's Released 2006-2017

Plug in and Crank it up

The Human uses Fender Guitars and Amps


Thursday, June 28, 2018


Loyd got the nickname, "The Human," in his early 20's. He got it for a variety of reasons, but the main ones were his love for music, coupled with the extreme enjoyment of  cold beer and high volume listenin.  He always had music goin. Car. Home. He had a Teac 3300 Reel to Reel and people would ask him to bring it to parties.  He just plugged that in and the party was on.  If you came to visit, you better like music.  His close friends still call him The Human. In 2005 when he started writing songs and decided to record a CD, he decided the best name for this endeavor would be The Human Project. This stuck too.  99% of the songs are written by The Human.  Doesn't matter who plays on the CD with him because this can change some, the final product is always....The Human Project and has that Human Project sound.  So after 13 years and 6 CD's, The Human Project still exists.  It was only supposed to be one CD for fun.  :)  Slowly he has developed a small loyal fan base and sells alot of music over the various music distribution sites.  His music is real, people can relate and identify to it, and can make them smile. Once people really take the time to listen closely, they find his songs can be complex with very good lyrics.   Below is a discography of CD's he has released.

The Real Stuff 2006
Hit big in Switzerland put him on map in a small way.

Human Project II Humanized 2008
Follow up to The Real Stuff
Mastered at Sterling Sound NYC

Best of HP + 4 new tracks 2010

Last Train Out. 2011

Human's Last Stand 2014

Humanize 2017

Human Project Fans are very discerning people that are persistent in
their efforts to find good music on the web. The Human is grateful
they stumbled across his stuff.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Updates. Response to "Connection."

Pleased with response to my new song "Connection."  Again, very different for me, (especially being a cover)  but sometimes different is good and refreshing.  I am not releasing it as single just sitting on it. You never know, it might go on a new CD, or later might appear as a single. I am keeping my options open.

One of the best compliments I got yesterday was from Jeff Sanders who mastered it. He also mastered 2017 "Humanize." He said, "I enjoy working on your stuff. You don't sound like anybody else."  Awesome coming from a man with a resume like he has. Check it out. Stevie Wonder, Bachman Turner Over Drive, Eric Burden and War, REO Speedwagon, Jefferson Starship on and on.
He is semi retired now, but does take on "select" clients. You can damn sho count The Human as one of em.

If you didn't hear Connection yet, you can check it out here, the first song on Human's Show on Podomatic.  (done the show for 8 years. do it for fun. Play tracks from personal collection)

Human's show has a broad base of countries that check in to listen and download. Here are some that checked in yesterday. USA, Turkey, Netherlands, Russia, Georgia, Spain, Nigeria, Sweden, Brazil, UK, Belgium, Italy, South Africa, Ireland, Japan.

This was from last show.

Real Music
For Real People
Get Humanized

Royalty Check From CD Baby
I get these because you, the my music.
"We are all in this together."

Interview With The Human. Central Valley Talk Radio

I was interviewed by Central Valley Talk Radio, Thursday July 12th, 2018. It was nice to be recognized by "home town" radio a...