Monday, January 14, 2019

Monday Updates and Electric Coffee

Updates for the week on new release, and of course to get Monday started you need a special

Monday blend of Electric Coffee.

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

57 Channels. Nothin On

This was a last minute addition to The Human's release, "Fadin to Gray."

Springteens 57 Channels.  The Human plays everything.  The final version

is tweaked and polished up some,  but this is pretty much it.


January 18th 2019

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Top Downloads for 2018

Top Human Project music downloads for the year 2018


The Human, residing on the outskirts of Fresno, CA in the town of Clovis had a very very good year for downloads of his music.  The last few months of 2018 closed with a great deal of momentum building for his music, and some other artists have paid for the rights to record some of his songs as well.  He has no management. No Label. Markets it all himself. Fronts the money to record and produces or co-produces all of his songs.  But none of this would have come anywhere near this type of success without the fans who find him and download the songs.  So this is a collaborative effort.  

Download statistics are provided by CD Baby, who distributes his music. He also has publishing agreements through them as well.

Top Downloads for 2018

High Anxiety                                             Human Project II, Humanized. 2008
Fast Train                                                   Humanized 2017
Highway 58                                               Humanized 2017
Keep it to Yourself                                    Single release, 018
Requiem For Washington                          Last Train Out 2011
Norwegian Wood                                      Human's Last Stand 2014
Backroads                                                  Humanized 2017
Got Myself in Trouble                               Humanized 2017
Bar Room Meltdown                                 Humanized 2017
Stormy Night in Texas                               The Real Stuff, 2006

Humanized, recorded in Fresno, CA at Pyramid Studio in 2017 has been a big hit. Here is the link to this particular release.

The Human has a new, download only release dropping January 18th, 2019. 10 songs. 6 Original Human Project Tracks. Stay tuned for more information related to this release.

Fadin to Gray
January 18. 2019


Monday, January 7, 2019

Smoke From the San Joaquin

On my podcast today, I feature AC Myles and myself. We are both from the Central Valley of California, also known as the San Joaquin Valley. Thus the title, "Smoke From the San Joaquin."
AC is one of the premier guitar players around and I am one of the more prolific songwriters in the area. That being the case, I pull some of our music together to make this podcast.  On my new release, "Fadin to Gray," AC does quite of bit of work for me.  He has been sittin in more and more over the past few years. He can adapt to my style better than most I have met.

I also did a Vlog about the show and the San Joaquin in general. Here is the link:

If you wanna check out the Podcast, here is the link:

Fadin to Gray
January 18th, 2019

With AC Myles

Hump Day, Electric Coffee and Updates

Updates on Fadin To Gray and other tidbits. Happy Hump Day