Saturday, March 24, 2018

Human's Show. Misc.

Many of you know I have been hosting a show on Podomatic for over 8 years now called, "Human's Show."  I play stuff from my personal CD Collection.  I play alot of my music too.  It has grown in popularity world-wide over the years.  Here is the link if you want to sign up and follow me. Love to have you.

Got a great letter from a fan in the Czech Republic.

Hi Loyd, 

Greetings from Czech Rep.Thanks for the message from you.Let me congratulate you
for your unique blues-rock music style which combine of the seventies music with decent
southern-rock flavor.When I listen Fast Train track from your last cd it´s like J.J.Cale was
standing in front of me.

Like a former radio manager I try to present your music in my country because your
name is absolutely unknown artist in my country but your music is very pleasant
surprising for the people who had a chance to listen your music.

Please if you have some quaility video live performance please be so kind and 
send it to me, I could present you in our established music clubs for your
possible European tour someday.

Let me wish you many achievements in your musical career and much vitality
to you and to your family.I will look forward to your new music and to our personal
meeting someday.

your friend in Czech Rep.


This shows that Human Project music is reaching across the continents to all kinds of places where people love good real music.   

Appreciate all my fans world-wide.  My music has been a grassroots effort and word of mouth thing where people tell someone else about it and share it.  I appreciate those that are a part of such a cool thing.

The Human
6 CD's Released

Get Humanized.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Updates. Promo's. Misc.

Hey Human Project Fans.  Time is flying and spring is here. We have had a dry year in the Central Valley of California after an extremely good winter in 2017 that went along way towards getting us out of the drought, but not good this winter. Luckily there have been some late storms roll in to get much needed snow in the mountains.  I took this pic of the Sierra's that are the backdrop to where I live in Clovis, CA 

Sierra's Just Outside Clovis, CA
March 2018

I made a little promo of Bar Room Meltdown from my most recent CD "Humanize."  The song was recorded close to live in studio and is one of the hardest rockin tracks on the CD.  So I had fun just making a teaser for you to see.  Here is following link to check it out.  There is YouTube of entire song on my channel,  but not using this little program that is very cool for promo's. Just wanted to share it.

Music sales have been strong. That is because of the cool fans I have that appreciate real music with good lyrics.  I keep keepin on because of the fans.

The Human Project is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Loyd Vandergriff, who got the nickname "The Human," in his younger days. He has always loved music and has been influenced by so many artists along the way.  He has incorporated many styles into his songs and the result is some bluesy rock and southern rock that his fans simply call....Human Rock.  His songs tell vivid stories and get you pattin those feet and snappin those fingers when listening to it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

You Tube and More Updates

Human Project Fans, If you have not subscribed to The Human's You Tube Channel, here is the link.
You can subscribe there. His You Tube is slowly picking up momentum, just like his music is.

Below is a picture of countries that have been checking out The Human Project Website.  Pretty good variety from all over the world.

Website Hits

Human also hosts a show on Podomatic called Human's Show. He plays music from his personal CD Collection. He has been doing this 8 years and has an international audience. Go sign up and follow and you will get notfications when new show goes up.

Thanks for Supporting Human Project Music.
Original. Unique.
6 CD's released from 2006-1017

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Downloads for February 2018

Top 10 Downloads for February 2008.

50 Total Human Project Tracks Downloaded. These are the Top 10.

High Anxiety                        62
Fast Train                             52
Hwy 58                                  32
Requiem For Washington    30
Backroads                             27
Got Myself In Trouble          27
My Flag                                 24
Bar Room Meltdown            20
18 Wheels                               18

The Human Is Loyd Vandergriff
He has released 6 CD's from 2006 "The Real Stuff"
to 2017 "Humanize."
99% of the songs are original.

More and More people are diggin his music as can be seen by
monthly sales reports.
Get Humanized.

Good Promo of The Human's Music.

Well All Right Promo

I have been on a Buddy Holly kick as of late I guess. I dig the simplicity of the songs, but yet the raw rockin power.  I messed around with...