Friday, January 26, 2018

New Human Project Track

Hello Human Project fans.  The Human has been busy, but he just did a new video to go with his song "Backroads." It's about the desire to get out of the stress laden big city life and get back to
the good ole backroads of rural America and small town America.   This one has a little southern tinge to it (The Human was born in Georgia).  It is on his most recent CD, "Humanize."  AC Myles does his best Dicky Betts thing and the Human Project band fills in the rest.  The Human still hosts "Human's show" on podomatic and has not been too active with recording or writing lately, but thats the way he rolls. No telling when he might get on a roll again.

Link to Backroads.

These good ole Backroads, treat me right.

The Human has released 6 CD"s from 2006-2017. 99% of the material is original.  He is one of Central Cal's most prolific songwriters and one of its top selling recording artists.

Peace Yall

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