Thursday, November 29, 2018

Highway 58 on YouTube music channel

My song Highway 58 is on a killer YouTube Channel. So thought I would share it.  You can access it from my main blog on my music website.  "Highway 58" was my number one downloaded song for October as well. So its on the move.

It's on long stretch of highway...It's Highway 58

Friday, November 16, 2018

New YouTube Video and More

The Human just put up a new youtube video that follows his most recent song, "Train 69." It's a very sparse acoustic driven trippy track with haunting harmonica solo and swirling harmonies.  Comes straight from the 60's.

Here is link to Train 69.

Also Loyd just finished a studio track, a cover of Tom Petty's "Let Yourself Go," from the Mojo CD.
It can only be heard for now on his show on podomatic, so link is included to that as well.

Let Yourself Go is 3rd song in.

The portal where you hop on Train 69

Headin out to the desert on Train 69

Real Music.

Get Humanized.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Top Human Project Downloads for Oct 2018

Human Project Downloads for October 2018

Grand Total                                       316

Top Downloads:

Highway 58                                        44 (first time #1)
Bad Luck                                            22
Fast Train                                           16
Keep it to Yourself                             16
Bar Room Meltdown                          14
Hard Work Blues                                13
Headin For Tennessee                         12
Norwegian Wood                                12
Jimmy’s Juke Joint                              10
Backroads                                              9
Drive, Drive, Drive                               9
Lookin For My Freak Flag                    9

50 different tracks downloaded total.
48 written by Loyd Vandergriff.

Get Humanized.

The Human
Loyd Vandergriff
6 CD's released and some singles too.
Get Humanized

The Human..To Italy and Back

Went to Northern Italy to visit a couple of friends I made through my music.  They took us all around and made it pretty easy for us.

I did a couple of blogs and will put link to them.  A few pics are there.

Keep Rockin!!!

Venice on Gondola Ride

Well All Right Promo

I have been on a Buddy Holly kick as of late I guess. I dig the simplicity of the songs, but yet the raw rockin power.  I messed around with...