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April Downloads For Human Project Music.

Human Project fans world-wide continue to amaze  with their support of the Human's music.  The fans are a special group of people who dig The Human's style and his lyrics. It is hard to put his music in a box or category, its simply can best be described as Human Rock. He has is own style that draws from decades of listening to music and ultimately this shows up in his music.  Even more exciting for all Human Project fans is a new CD is on the way in June with 9 new original Human Project tracks.

You can get physical copy of all Human Project CD's at
You can get em from me too signed.  Just got to message me. Leave a comment if you are interested.

Human Project Music is on Spotify and iTunes and other download sites as well.

The Top Downloads for April were:

High Anxiety.                   From Human Project II, Humanized. 2008

Norwegian Wood              From Human's Last Stand  2014

Bad Luck                            From Best of the Human Project 2010


CD Updates

About finished mixing. This is the stage where The Human gets particular about things. Drive the engineer crazy time.  Because if you let it out after this, too late. If anything bothers you at all, you better fix it now.  It's hard to live with it once its out there.

This CD is as close to live Human Project as you will ever get.  Very similar to 2006 "The Real Stuff."

Six tracks were recorded in one session at Pyramid Studio in Fresno.  The Drums, Bass, Human Rhythm and Lead Guitar are what you hear on this CD in their original state.  Keyboards were brought in. AC Myles was brought to add some hot guitar work.  Sharon Jordan Leal of Eve's Burden was brought in to spice up harmonies and add some soul.  Mission Accomplished.  There is good variety on this CD from just finger poppin Human Project Stuff to killer blues, to hard rockin stuff like Take it All.  Two Tracks will be added from The Human's Studio and one Hidden Track…