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CD Updates

All the tracks on the CD are complete.  All the tracks have been uploaded to Disc Makers out of New Jersey.  They have done all but one of my previous releases.  Artwork has been sent in for them to work with.  If all goes well in this area, could be officially released in mid-July. This recent effort took 3 months from walking into the studio to the finish.  I think it will be one of my best, certainly one that defines my style maybe better than the others.

Here is link to You Tube of "Fast Train."  A typical Human Project Rocker.

Stay tuned, will be keeping you updated as drop date arrives and it is on all distribution sites.

The Human 6th CD, "Humanize" Getting Ready to Drop.
Get Humanized.

New CD Updates. May Downloads

Greetings Human Project Fans.

The new CD is taking a little longer than expected.  I take blame for this. I am working hard on the mixes to get them as good as I can.  The songs are good. They deserve to sound as good as they can.

Right now the tracks are being mastered.  I lucked out and got a killer mastering engineer who is mostly retired now, but agreed to work on my project. His name is Jeff Sanders. He was worked on BTO, War, War with Eric Burton, Stevie Wonder, REO Speedwagon and a host of other artists.  So I feel very lucky to get him on my project. He has moved to the Central Valley of California where I live, so it has made it easier.

I still see an end of June release. It could erode into early July, but I want to get this one right in all phases.  Nine new Human Project tracks, and the first new CD in 3 years.

May was an awesome download month for Human Project Music.  16 pages of downloads. 35 different songs.  Lots of European downloads as well as USA from sites like Sp…