Monday, October 30, 2017

How bout this New Country Music?

Well how bout it?
It comes from the Nashville Cookie cutter factory.  They have their formula down.
All highly compressed, loud, studio musicians got the formula down too. It perfect to a fault.
Clean, sterile, pro-tools, digital.  Its lost some of the soul of the old school guys who wrote their stuff drinkin whiskey and smokin Malboro's and chewin Copenhagen, traveling in grimy tour buses
and playin dives. But man they had the soul and sound.  They brought this into the studio with them.

I decided to take a crack at a Waylon Jennings song, "Are You Sure Hank Done it This Way."
It's far from perfect.  Some issues in the track, but the video and pics I put with it try to make the point about the old school music.  I don't write or record country songs, but I sure as hell was brought up listening to em.  I know what I listen to today is pretty thin stuff, except for Chris Stapleton.  That guy's the real deal.

Anyway. Here is the link to new video.  Go back and listen to some of these old school guys.
They brought the road and the lifestyle into the studio with them.  Might wanna sip on something while ya listen.

Click the link:


The Human

David Brown

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New You Tube Folder

The Human has made it easier to find his newer songs, and newer video's.  He created this folder with all of them in it. It contains the 6 most recent ones.

Subcribing to his channel is the ultimate way to get updates and have access to all of them.

Most recent YouTube Folder with recent songs.

With Halloween right upon us, The Human's song "The Creepers,' has been getting tons of hits and plays.  It's a creepy track about ominous things happening in the inner cities when there is a full moon.  He was so into this track he sang the final lead vocal late Halloween night.  The song is from Human Project II, Humanized. It was mastered by Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound NYC.  Steve mastered Keith Richards most recent effort and is one of the top mastering engineers there.

The Creepers.

Dana Long and The Human.
Co-Producers of Human Project II 2008.

With 6 CD's released spanning a time frame of 2006-2017, The Human flies hot and heavy under the big time radar.  His loyal fan base knows exactly who he is.  They are the reason he keeps keepin on.
One day, he might just bust out.  If so, people who support him will be the reason. 

Get Humanized

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New YouTube

For What It's Worth is really an iconic song of the 1960's peace and love movement. Written in 1967 by Stephen Still's of Buffalo Springfield, it has become literally a soundtrack for this time period.
The Human has done a sparse, acoustic driven version of it in his home studio.  AC Myles came over and put an absolutely stunning lead guitar track on it. The pictures you see in the video try to tell a visual story of key seminal moments from that time up to present times.  So in a sense, The Human is trying to make the video and song relevant for today as well.  It would be impossible to include all the important pictures of events that occurred from then to now. The 60's were full of seminal moments.

So, please enjoy The Human's version of, "For What It's Worth." The link is below.

The Human and AC (Adam) Myles

The Human has written close to 70 original songs from 2005-2017.

He has released 6 CD's. 99% are original tunes.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Human Raw II


I just did a show on podomatic called "Human Raw II."  Like the first show in this series, these are songs I recorded in my home studio.  They are for the most part, acoustic driven.  I play almost all the instruments, and on some tracks I bring my friend AC Myles over to add some lead stuff. He is a killer player. 

Human Raw II, is similiar to I with maybe a couple of new tracks, and some older ones mixed in.

This is the link to the show.

I have hosted my show on Podomatic for 8 years now.

If you are not aware of my YouTube Channel, below is the link to it. You can subscribe, and be notified when new videos get put up and check out all the old ones as well.

YouTube Link

I appreciate all the fan support across the globe.

I am truely an independent artist, that finances, produces and markets all of my stuff against the big boys. So you, the fans are appreciated.

Keep it Rockin!!!

The Human
The Human Project.

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

New YouTube Video and More

Today's world environment is horrible.  Most recently, a brutal mass shooting in Las Vegas.  There just seems to be a lot of hate, instability and intolerance all around.  So, The Human decided to record "Get Together."  It was written by Chet Powers.  It was made somewhat famous by The Youngbloods version in 1967 during the Peace and Love movement. That is what we need more of now.  You can file this away in The Human's Raw series, since it was recorded in his home studio.  Enjoy.  Share it.
It you haven't subscribed to his YouTube Channel, here is the link.

Human YouTube Site

The top 5 downloads for Human Project Music in September were as followed. These stats come from sites like Itunes, Spotify and more.  They are compiled by CDBaby.

1.  High Anxiety.                     From Human Project II 2008
2. Standing in the Shadows     The Real Stuff 2006
3. Requiem for Washington     Last Train Out 2011
4. Bar Room Meltdown           Humanize 2017
5. Fast Train                             Humanize 2017

The Human's Website is:

The Human
The Human Project
"Flyin Hot and Heavy Under the Radar."

New You Tube

The Human just put up a new You Tube Video to go with a song he recently wrote called, "Keep It To Yourself."  Its a sparse lit...