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Greetings friends and fans.

Back in 2007-08,  when I was working on Human Project II, I wrote a song called "The Creepers."
It's an eerie track about what goes in deep in the heart of the cities in the alley's and other dark places on a full moon night. :) The track ended up having a haunting, scary vibe to it.  The Creeper's are "people, or things" that emerge from these dark alley's on such nights.  Dana Long did absolutely killer guitar work on this track.  Just listen.  I was so into this vibe that I did the final lead vocal on Halloween evening.  I consider "The Creepers," to be one of my strongest best tracks.  This entire CD was sent to Sterling Sound and mastered by Steve Fallone.  He is big time, and his touch gave Human Project II, Humanized just a killer sound.

Finally in 2017 I put together a little video to go with the song.  Since it is getting close to Halloween, I decided to put it up on my YouTube Site.  So, check it out!

Top Human Project Downloads For August

Greetings friends and fans.  Prayers now to Florida as Irma has ripped it's way up through the Keys and now the mainland. Such a big hurricane, it is hammering the entire state and it still has some left as it enters Georgia and the Carolina's.

The Top Downloads for August were as follow's.  The New CD "Humanize" is starting to break into the sales and accounting systems now and songs are showing up.

Requiem For Washington.    "Last Train Out." 2011
High Anxiety                        "Human Project II, Humanize 2008
Bar Room Meltdown            "Humanize" 2017
Bad Luck                              "Best of the Human Project" 2010
Working Too Hard                "The Real Stuff," 2006

If you want to listen to Human's Top Downloads, You can right here on Human's Show.

The fan response to my music excites me.  That's why I did Humanize (2017) recently.


Updates September 2017

Hey Friends and Fans.

Did Summer fly by or what?  As far as the Central Valley of California was concerned, a frickin scorcher HOT.  Many days at 105+ and had some 110+.  The only saving grace is low humidity, but even had some of that higher than normal on some days.  Glad It's Sept and I hope we work our way out into some nice fall weather. Not to mention Football season is starting here in the USA, my favorite time of the year!

If you haven't subscribed to my YouTube Channel yet, It's picking up steam with some of my songs and more and more discover "The Human."  (Just who is this guy anyway???)  Some songs getting some lots of plays.

Here is the link again. I stay pretty active there. Put up stuff from Home Studio. (Raw)

I had been working on a short little diddy called A Blue's State of Mind. It's only a little over 2 minutes long.  I finally got AC Myles to come and add some slide to it to go w…

New YouTube Videos

Hello Friends and Fans. Hope all is well. We just can't shake the oppressive heat in the Central Valley of California and the bad air.  106-110 this last week of August.  Mercy.  Hoping to get  a break with this stuff soon as the days start to get shorter.

I made a video to go with my song "Dakota" that is on Humanize.  Here is the link if you would care to check it out.

Click Link above.

AC Myles on lead guitar. Recorded in my home studio.

I just finished writing and recording "Evil On The Loose."  I brought AC Myles over again to put a guitar track on it, and he lit it up as usual.  One thing that really bothers me is racism and hate. And one race thinking they are superior to another.  If these "types" had not marched on Charlottesville, there would have been no issue there. But just know when the Klan and Nazi's march, resistance will show up as it should. And it can be from passive to aggressive.  Its just the nature of the beast when …

Late August Updates. (Lots of em)

Late August Updates.

Lots Going On!!! Will simplify it later as certain things get more relevant.
I have getting lots of hits on several songs I have had on YouTube. The most surprising is my 2006 release, "Standing in the Shadows," from The Real Stuff.  Of course the video is not that old, maybe 2 years, but it has 2.5K views.  :)  Dig that.

Here is Link:

Standing in the Shadows

My website, lets me know how many hits I have on it, and the countries that come and check it out.  Most surprising is The Russian Federation.  I know the Republic of Georgia are big listeners to my Podcast, Human's Show.

Here is pie chart I get each month.

International Audience Hits HP Website.

YOUTUBESITE Here is my YouTube Channel if you want to subscribe and follow.
Human Project YouTube
Become part of the small Human Project Army.  It keeps me going and motivated to make good music for you and do good podcasts for you.


Cool Links

I recently hosted a show on my podcast called "Raw Human."  I played lots of stuff I recorded in my home studio. Much of it was acoustic driven.  I received some nice comments on it, so I wanted to make sure all friends and fans had access to it.

Here is the link:

Raw Human On Podomatic.

About 2 years ago, I wrote a song called "My Flag."  In light of recent events, I decided to re-record it in my home studio, and do a video with it.  This has been well received as well.  Here is the YouTube link.  I am also releasing "My Flag" as a single available for download on CDBaby and other sites as well.

My Flag. You Tube

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6 CD's Released.
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August Human Project News.

What's Up Human Project friends and fans.
"Humanize" getting good airplay on many internet stations. Downloads and sales are strong.

Fast Train Still # 1 on BearRadio out of Buffalo, NY
Airplay on Independent Music show out of Ireland and a satellite station out of Los Angeles.

Human's Show on Podomatic ranked #2 in Blues on Podomatic and listener's from all over the world. Most of these fans have become Humanized. :)
CD Baby site where Humanized is waiting for you.
Get Humanized Here
It's Available on Spotify and ITunes and other sites as well.

Hello From The Human. Appreciate all your support. Peace.
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