Friday, March 16, 2018

Preview of coming new You Tube Song

Here is a little preview of a new video The Human is working on, "Bad Luck,"  The complete video will be posted soon.

"Bad Luck," is from the Best of The Human Project released in 2010. This CD had best tracks from the first 2 CD's plus 4 NEW Tracks. "Bad Luck," was one of them.  It has a southern flavor to it with a Dickey Betts type guitar flowing through it.  Words and Music by The Human of course, who has penned over 70 songs and released 6 CD's from 2006-1017.

The Human Of The Human Project

The Human's music is becoming more and more popular each month. There is a good reason for it. It's original, unique. Has an old school feel to it.  Its rock, southern rock and his own style mixed in with it.  He played in rock bands all 4 years of High School in the 60's. He has listened to tons of music from A-Z. His vinyl collection was killer.  His CD collection ain't bad.  He has been to many great concerts and seen many of the great bands.  He brings it all into his music.  From Elvis. to The Beatles, Stones, Young Rascals, Creedence, Steppenwolf, Steve Winwood to Wilson Pickett and many more.  You end up with...The Human Project Sound.

Human Project Music is available at most all on line music distribution sites as well as at the following link.

Human Project Fans.  The little army is growing.


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

You Tube and More Updates

Human Project Fans, If you have not subscribed to The Human's You Tube Channel, here is the link.
You can subscribe there. His You Tube is slowly picking up momentum, just like his music is.

Below is a picture of countries that have been checking out The Human Project Website.  Pretty good variety from all over the world.

Website Hits

Human also hosts a show on Podomatic called Human's Show. He plays music from his personal CD Collection. He has been doing this 8 years and has an international audience. Go sign up and follow and you will get notfications when new show goes up.

Thanks for Supporting Human Project Music.
Original. Unique.
6 CD's released from 2006-1017

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Downloads for February 2018

Top 10 Downloads for February 2008.

50 Total Human Project Tracks Downloaded. These are the Top 10.

High Anxiety                        62
Fast Train                             52
Hwy 58                                  32
Requiem For Washington    30
Backroads                             27
Got Myself In Trouble          27
My Flag                                 24
Bar Room Meltdown            20
18 Wheels                               18

The Human Is Loyd Vandergriff
He has released 6 CD's from 2006 "The Real Stuff"
to 2017 "Humanize."
99% of the songs are original.

More and More people are diggin his music as can be seen by
monthly sales reports.
Get Humanized.

Good Promo of The Human's Music.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Human Project Music

Snippet of Human Project Music with some pics. Fans already know bout all this.

Human Project Music is original, unique and has groovin, organic, old-school feel with witty lyrics and drivin beats. Ya dig the analog feel? Good hot smoldering blues too. The songs always tell a good story. He is one of the real good singer-songwriters bubbling just under the mainstream radar. The Human has released 6 CD's from 2006-2017. Over this time, his fan base has steadily grown.

The Human
6 CD's Released

Thursday, February 1, 2018

January 2018 Downloads

Hey Human Project Fans.

January was the biggest download month for Human Project music ever!  32 pages of downloads, over 400 individual tracks.  Tons of downloads from all 6 Human Project CD's that span from 2006-2107.  Particularly gratifying was the amount of downloads from The Human's new CD "Humanize." People are finally starting to see just how good that one is.  Recorded from April 2017 and finished in July of 2017. This CD has a real raw organic feel to it, with a majority of the tracks being recorded as close to live as possible.  It is also a testimony to just how good the players are that The Human brings into the studio.  These guys are not gun's for hire studio musician hotshots. They are local Central Valley guys that can always be counted on to step up when The Human calls on them.   But of course none of this happens without the fans that are scattered out all over the world.  From 2006 to the present The Human Project's fan base has steadily grown. 

The statistics for monthly downloads are compiled by CDBaby. They manage and distribute The Human's music to sites like ITunes, Spotify and all other music download sites and they also compile the monthly statistics as well.

Top downloads for January 2018:

Fast Train                                              Humanize 2017
High Anxiety                                        Human Project II, Humanize 2008
Got Myself In Trouble                          Humanize 2017
Backroads                                             Humanize 2017
Highway 58                                          Humanize 2017
Bar Room Meltdown                            Humanize 2018

As you can see, "Humanize" caught fire and dominated the top downloads for January.

Here is the CDbaby link to Humanize, but it is also on Spotify and Itunes and many other sites as well.

The Human
6 CD's Released 2006-2017.

Human Project Fans are the best.

Friday, January 26, 2018

New Human Project Track

Hello Human Project fans.  The Human has been busy, but he just did a new video to go with his song "Backroads." It's about the desire to get out of the stress laden big city life and get back to
the good ole backroads of rural America and small town America.   This one has a little southern tinge to it (The Human was born in Georgia).  It is on his most recent CD, "Humanize."  AC Myles does his best Dicky Betts thing and the Human Project band fills in the rest.  The Human still hosts "Human's show" on podomatic and has not been too active with recording or writing lately, but thats the way he rolls. No telling when he might get on a roll again.

Link to Backroads.

These good ole Backroads, treat me right.

The Human has released 6 CD"s from 2006-2017. 99% of the material is original.  He is one of Central Cal's most prolific songwriters and one of its top selling recording artists.

Peace Yall

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Hope this finds the New Year (2018) off to a good start for you.  Hope you are staying well also. There seems to be an epidemic of illness across a broad spectrum all across the country. The main culprit seems to be a very bad strain of flu.

All good with Human Project Music.  December was another very good download month thanks to you, the fans.  41 Different Human Project tracks were downloaded and The Human wrote em all but one.  (Norwegian Wood).  Also, over 200 downloads. 

Here are the top 5, but understand there were many songs very close to these as well.

1). Requiem For Washington           Last Train Out 2013
2). High Anxiety                              Human Project II, Humanized, 2008
3). Norwegian Wood                        Human's Last Stand, 2014
4.) Fast Train                                    Humanize, 2017
5.) Jimmy's Juke Joint                      The Real Stuff 2006

The Human hasn't been too active on the recording front, but he did recently complete, "Roy Boy Blues."  This is about the recent Senate Race in Alabama in which the good people of that state chose to reject a 19th century backwards thinking candidate.  The Human has been known to write stuff that has biting social commentary, so this was fertile ground for this endeavor. Congratulations to the people of Alabama for rejecting this type of candidate.   Here is link to YouTube of "Roy Boy Blues."

Roy Boy Blues
Words and Music by The Human.

The Human still hosts "Human's Show" on Podomatic.

The Human
6 CD's Released.
over 70 songs written.


Preview of coming new You Tube Song

Here is a little preview of a new video The Human is working on, "Bad Luck,"  The complete video will be posted soon. https://ww...