Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Story of The Creepers.

Halloween is fast approaching. About this time in 2008, Loyd...The Human wrote a song called "The Creepers."  He put the lead vocal down on Halloween Eve.  It's about what goes in the dark alley's of the big inner cities.  Especially if there is a full moon.  The Creepers come out.  You don't want to be there or anywhere near there.  Read the blog for a little more detailed information.  The song is on Human Project II, Humanized, released in 2008.  The Human considers it to be one of his best songs  in terms of musicianship and quality.

Info on The Creepers.

Master Creeper


Out of the Fog of the Dark Alley

Sshhh It will be alright.

Real Music


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