Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Human Featured on Middle Tennessee Music. The Interview.

The Human was interviewed by Joshua of Middle Tennessee Music.

Click the Link to get the entire interview yall.

The Human also did a podcast of his top downloads for November 2017.
Click da Link.

Christmas is on the way!  Hope you all are healthy and happy.  The Human for sho appreciates your support!

Merry Christmas.  
The shirt  is from the Rum Boogie Cafe In Memphis.
Picture taken in Maui.


Monday, December 4, 2017

November Music Sales Information

Spotify does a good job of providing information on monthly download sales, streams, and the countries that were involved.  So this first set of statistics if from Spotify only.  

Top Tracks. Spotify Only


Top Downloads from all Sites for Nov 2017

Requiem For Washington (Last Train Out)
Fast Train (Humanized)
Workin Too Hard (The Real Stuff)
Backroads (Humanized)
Vicodin Blues (Last Train Out)

44 different Human Project Tracks downloaded.

6 CD's from 2006-2017.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

From Vietnam to Afghanistan

I have always been a student of history.  I actually taught it for 19 years in high school before changing careers in 1995.  I am also old enough to vividly remember the Vietnam War.  I had lots of friends serve, or were drafted.  Some did not come back.  I was not drafted.    I have always thought there were and are a lot of similarities to Vietnam and the war in Afghanistan.  The main one is an enemy that blends in with the countryside, and fights in an unconventional, even cowardly manner.
You can never get them cornered.  Superior military force will not get it done.  Several years ago, when we decided to increase our military presence there, I wrote a song called Taliban Man.  Ultimately, this song draws parallels between the two wars.  Being familiar with Vietnam and the key players like Robert McNamara, of course will help you understand more.  I feel the youth of today unfortunately don't learn enough about the Vietnam War.  I have the greatest respect for our troops that fought there.

So with that little the link below and listen to, "Taliban Man."

I recorded this in my home studio. I play all the instruments.

*I do not publicize this song much or promote it very heavily.

The Human

Friday, November 17, 2017

November updates

Haven't  put up blog for awhile. It's Friday. TGIF!  Friday's used to be a big deal to me. So much so, I finally wrote a song about it in 2011.  Things I used to do on Friday afternoon's and evenings. Music I used to listen too.

Here is link to "Friday Thang."

Thanksgiving is right upon us now, 2017 so I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you are well and have much to be thankful for.  Christmas is rolling toward us like a freight train now.  The older you get, the faster these things go.

Went to Kauai for a few days. Here are a couple of pics.

Human In Kauai 2017.

This island is lush and green and slower pace than the other islands.

Haena Beach. 

If you wanna subscribe to Human's You Tube Channel. Here is link.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Human Project Downloads and Sales for Oct

I let CDBaby distribute my music to all music and download sites. They also keep track of sales and give me detailed month sales reports.  The month of October was my best month of downloads and sales ever since I started all this in 2006.  One of the main reasons was my new CD, "Humanize," finally got into all distribution sites.  And it hit hard.  The top 6 downloads were all from it.  Overall, there were 18 pages of downloads with close to 300 downloads for the month alone.  Huge.  I am greatful for the fans I have all over the world that step up and purchase my music like this.  Amazing.

Download spread sheets provided by CDBaby
18 Pages
48 Different Songs Downloaded
46 of them written by The Human

Top Downloads

Fast Train                                        From Humanize
Got Myself In Trouble                    From Humanize
Highway 58                                    These 2 tied for 3rd
Backroads                                       Both From Humanize
Bar Room Meltdown                      Humanize
Dakota                                             Humanize

Lots of downloads from previous 5 CD's but  as usual, but for October, Humanize dominated.

New CD Humanize can be purchased here.

All Human Project Music can be found on sites like ITunes, Spotify, and other music distribution sites as well. 

Human's YouTube Channel.

Subscribe if you haven't yet.

Thanks for you support. Human Project fans. Awesome.

Keep it Rockin!

Monday, October 30, 2017

How bout this New Country Music?

Well how bout it?
It comes from the Nashville Cookie cutter factory.  They have their formula down.
All highly compressed, loud, studio musicians got the formula down too. It perfect to a fault.
Clean, sterile, pro-tools, digital.  Its lost some of the soul of the old school guys who wrote their stuff drinkin whiskey and smokin Malboro's and chewin Copenhagen, traveling in grimy tour buses
and playin dives. But man they had the soul and sound.  They brought this into the studio with them.

I decided to take a crack at a Waylon Jennings song, "Are You Sure Hank Done it This Way."
It's far from perfect.  Some issues in the track, but the video and pics I put with it try to make the point about the old school music.  I don't write or record country songs, but I sure as hell was brought up listening to em.  I know what I listen to today is pretty thin stuff, except for Chris Stapleton.  That guy's the real deal.

Anyway. Here is the link to new video.  Go back and listen to some of these old school guys.
They brought the road and the lifestyle into the studio with them.  Might wanna sip on something while ya listen.

Click the link:


The Human

David Brown

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New You Tube Folder

The Human has made it easier to find his newer songs, and newer video's.  He created this folder with all of them in it. It contains the 6 most recent ones.

Subcribing to his channel is the ultimate way to get updates and have access to all of them.

Most recent YouTube Folder with recent songs.

With Halloween right upon us, The Human's song "The Creepers,' has been getting tons of hits and plays.  It's a creepy track about ominous things happening in the inner cities when there is a full moon.  He was so into this track he sang the final lead vocal late Halloween night.  The song is from Human Project II, Humanized. It was mastered by Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound NYC.  Steve mastered Keith Richards most recent effort and is one of the top mastering engineers there.

The Creepers.

Dana Long and The Human.
Co-Producers of Human Project II 2008.

With 6 CD's released spanning a time frame of 2006-2017, The Human flies hot and heavy under the big time radar.  His loyal fan base knows exactly who he is.  They are the reason he keeps keepin on.
One day, he might just bust out.  If so, people who support him will be the reason. 

Get Humanized

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New YouTube

For What It's Worth is really an iconic song of the 1960's peace and love movement. Written in 1967 by Stephen Still's of Buffalo Springfield, it has become literally a soundtrack for this time period.
The Human has done a sparse, acoustic driven version of it in his home studio.  AC Myles came over and put an absolutely stunning lead guitar track on it. The pictures you see in the video try to tell a visual story of key seminal moments from that time up to present times.  So in a sense, The Human is trying to make the video and song relevant for today as well.  It would be impossible to include all the important pictures of events that occurred from then to now. The 60's were full of seminal moments.

So, please enjoy The Human's version of, "For What It's Worth." The link is below.

The Human and AC (Adam) Myles

The Human has written close to 70 original songs from 2005-2017.

He has released 6 CD's. 99% are original tunes.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Human Raw II


I just did a show on podomatic called "Human Raw II."  Like the first show in this series, these are songs I recorded in my home studio.  They are for the most part, acoustic driven.  I play almost all the instruments, and on some tracks I bring my friend AC Myles over to add some lead stuff. He is a killer player. 

Human Raw II, is similiar to I with maybe a couple of new tracks, and some older ones mixed in.

This is the link to the show.

I have hosted my show on Podomatic for 8 years now.

If you are not aware of my YouTube Channel, below is the link to it. You can subscribe, and be notified when new videos get put up and check out all the old ones as well.

YouTube Link

I appreciate all the fan support across the globe.

I am truely an independent artist, that finances, produces and markets all of my stuff against the big boys. So you, the fans are appreciated.

Keep it Rockin!!!

The Human
The Human Project.

click link.


Thursday, October 5, 2017

New YouTube Video and More

Today's world environment is horrible.  Most recently, a brutal mass shooting in Las Vegas.  There just seems to be a lot of hate, instability and intolerance all around.  So, The Human decided to record "Get Together."  It was written by Chet Powers.  It was made somewhat famous by The Youngbloods version in 1967 during the Peace and Love movement. That is what we need more of now.  You can file this away in The Human's Raw series, since it was recorded in his home studio.  Enjoy.  Share it.
It you haven't subscribed to his YouTube Channel, here is the link.

Human YouTube Site

The top 5 downloads for Human Project Music in September were as followed. These stats come from sites like Itunes, Spotify and more.  They are compiled by CDBaby.

1.  High Anxiety.                     From Human Project II 2008
2. Standing in the Shadows     The Real Stuff 2006
3. Requiem for Washington     Last Train Out 2011
4. Bar Room Meltdown           Humanize 2017
5. Fast Train                             Humanize 2017

The Human's Website is:

The Human
The Human Project
"Flyin Hot and Heavy Under the Radar."

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Creepers You Tube

Greetings friends and fans.

Back in 2007-08,  when I was working on Human Project II, I wrote a song called "The Creepers."
It's an eerie track about what goes in deep in the heart of the cities in the alley's and other dark places on a full moon night. :) The track ended up having a haunting, scary vibe to it.  The Creeper's are "people, or things" that emerge from these dark alley's on such nights.  Dana Long did absolutely killer guitar work on this track.  Just listen.  I was so into this vibe that I did the final lead vocal on Halloween evening.  I consider "The Creepers," to be one of my strongest best tracks.  This entire CD was sent to Sterling Sound and mastered by Steve Fallone.  He is big time, and his touch gave Human Project II, Humanized just a killer sound.

Finally in 2017 I put together a little video to go with the song.  Since it is getting close to Halloween, I decided to put it up on my YouTube Site.  So, check it out!

Also, I am getting some Human Project "Humanized" T-Shirts made. They are pretty cool. If ya want one, $20.00.  Let me know.

Human Project T Shirt
Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Weather is starting to change now.  I think the hot summer days are fading.

Peace to you.

Dana Long and The Human
Co-producers's Human Project II, Humanized.

Human's You Tube Channel

Monday, September 11, 2017

Top Human Project Downloads For August

Greetings friends and fans.  Prayers now to Florida as Irma has ripped it's way up through the Keys and now the mainland. Such a big hurricane, it is hammering the entire state and it still has some left as it enters Georgia and the Carolina's.

The Top Downloads for August were as follow's.  The New CD "Humanize" is starting to break into the sales and accounting systems now and songs are showing up.

Requiem For Washington.    "Last Train Out." 2011
High Anxiety                        "Human Project II, Humanize 2008
Bar Room Meltdown            "Humanize" 2017
Bad Luck                              "Best of the Human Project" 2010
Working Too Hard                "The Real Stuff," 2006

If you want to listen to Human's Top Downloads, You can right here on Human's Show.

The fan response to my music excites me.  That's why I did Humanize (2017) recently.


My YouTube is getting good hits and likes and plays.  Make sure to check it out and even subscribe.

You Tube Link

Top You Tube Songs

Politics, With AC Myles

Blues State of Mind, With AC Myles


Bar Room Meltdown

History of The Human Project

Appreciate all friends and fans for the support of music.  It's Original and unique.

The Human

September, 2017.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Updates September 2017

Hey Friends and Fans.

Did Summer fly by or what?  As far as the Central Valley of California was concerned, a frickin scorcher HOT.  Many days at 105+ and had some 110+.  The only saving grace is low humidity, but even had some of that higher than normal on some days.  Glad It's Sept and I hope we work our way out into some nice fall weather. Not to mention Football season is starting here in the USA, my favorite time of the year!

If you haven't subscribed to my YouTube Channel yet, It's picking up steam with some of my songs and more and more discover "The Human."  (Just who is this guy anyway???)  Some songs getting some lots of plays.

Here is the link again. I stay pretty active there. Put up stuff from Home Studio. (Raw)

I had been working on a short little diddy called A Blue's State of Mind. It's only a little over 2 minutes long.  I finally got AC Myles to come and add some slide to it to go with my guitar and some harmonica I had put on it.  The end result, while short is pretty damn catchy. It is part of my RAW series, because it is in my home studio, pretty stripped down with no drums etc.

Blues State of Mind.

CD sales and downloads continue to be good.
The Most popular tracks off Humanize are:
Fast Train
Bar Room Meltdown
Highway 58.

Everyone stay cool.  Will be back with another update soon as I can.

The Human
September 2017

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

New YouTube Videos

Hello Friends and Fans. Hope all is well. We just can't shake the oppressive heat in the Central Valley of California and the bad air.  106-110 this last week of August.  Mercy.  Hoping to get  a break with this stuff soon as the days start to get shorter.

I made a video to go with my song "Dakota" that is on Humanize.  Here is the link if you would care to check it out.

Click Link above.

AC Myles on lead guitar. Recorded in my home studio.

I just finished writing and recording "Evil On The Loose."  I brought AC Myles over again to put a guitar track on it, and he lit it up as usual.  One thing that really bothers me is racism and hate. And one race thinking they are superior to another.  If these "types" had not marched on Charlottesville, there would have been no issue there. But just know when the Klan and Nazi's march, resistance will show up as it should. And it can be from passive to aggressive.  Its just the nature of the beast when hate comes to town.  They bring it on their dumb-ass selves and their really is no defense of it. First Amendment? Yep. But shaky.  Dumbasses asking for trouble? Double Yep.

Evil on the Loose
Click Link Above.

AC and The Human.
Workin on.."Evil on the Loose."

Subscribe to the YouTube Channel if you would like:

Appreciate All my fans world-wide.  I dedicated my last CD, "Humanize," to you.


Pray for Houston and southern Texas.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Late August Updates. (Lots of em)

Late August Updates.

Lots Going On!!!
Will simplify it later as certain things get more relevant.

I have getting lots of hits on several songs I have had on YouTube. The most surprising is my 2006 release, "Standing in the Shadows," from The Real Stuff.  Of course the video is not that old, maybe 2 years, but it has 2.5K views.  :)  Dig that.

Here is Link:

Standing in the Shadows

My website, lets me know how many hits I have on it, and the countries that come and check it out.  Most surprising is The Russian Federation.  I know the Republic of Georgia are big listeners to my Podcast, Human's Show.

Here is pie chart I get each month.

International Audience Hits HP Website.

Here is my YouTube Channel if you want to subscribe and follow.

Become part of the small Human Project Army.  It keeps me going and motivated to make good music for you and do good podcasts for you.

I got another royalty check from CDBaby from sales of my music. This is all due to the fans that support be by buying the CD and downloading the music.  Over time, fans are discovering Human Project Music. I am very greateful to all of you.

Thanks to the Fans.

My Flag!!!!

The Human
6 CD's Released.

Thanks for supporting Human Project Music.
Human Project Fans are the Best.


Friday, August 18, 2017

Cool Links

I recently hosted a show on my podcast called "Raw Human."  I played lots of stuff I recorded in my home studio. Much of it was acoustic driven.  I received some nice comments on it, so I wanted to make sure all friends and fans had access to it.

Here is the link:

Raw Human On Podomatic.

About 2 years ago, I wrote a song called "My Flag."  In light of recent events, I decided to re-record it in my home studio, and do a video with it.  This has been well received as well.  Here is the YouTube link.  I am also releasing "My Flag" as a single available for download on CDBaby and other sites as well.

My Flag. You Tube

The Human
The Human Project

6 CD's Released.

Thanks for Supporting Human Project Music.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

August Human Project News.

What's Up Human Project friends and fans.

"Humanize" getting good airplay on many internet stations. Downloads and sales are strong.

Fast Train Still # 1 on BearRadio out of Buffalo, NY

Airplay on Independent Music show out of Ireland and a satellite station out of Los Angeles.

Human's Show on Podomatic ranked #2 in Blues on Podomatic and listener's from all over the world. Most of these fans have become Humanized. :)

CD Baby site where Humanized is waiting for you.

It's Available on Spotify and ITunes and other sites as well.

Hello From The Human.
Appreciate all your support.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

New You Tube. History of The Human Project & Misc.

Hey Friends and Fans.

I just did a little video I call "History of the Human Project." It is set to my new song Highway 58 that is on the new CD Humanize which by the way is doing well with downloads and sales thanks to you the fans. I had to go through old pics to find this stuff, many have been lost over time but I found enough to tell some of the story. More more detail is in my biography on home page of my website,

Website link:

Human Project Website

Here is YouTube link:

History of The Human Project.

You can subscribe to my Youtube at the site.

Most of you know I host Human's Show on Podomatic, for over 8 years now. Smokin music from my personal CD Collection. Here is link to that.

Human's Show on Podomatic

Thanks for all your support from all over.

Get Humanized.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Human Project Podcast 2017

This Blog will go with Podcast I just did in which I selected 2 songs from each of my Six CD's
to play for you.    Many of them are top download sellers, some are not, I just wanted to make sure you could hear them. I also provide a little information on which CD they came from.  I wrote all but one of the songs, I did a cover of Norwegian Wood,  on Human's Last Stand. It has always been one of my favorites.

CD's and songs played from each of them.

            The Real Stuff, 2006
            Workin Too Hard
              Red Vette Roll

Human Project II, Humanized 2008
           Drive, Drive, Drive
              High Anxiety

Best of The Human Project 2010
        Hard Work Blues
            Bad Luck

           Last Train Out 2011
             Friday Thang
       Requiem For Washington

                     Human's Last Stand 2014
                             The Stripper
                          Norwegian Wood

                            Humanize 2017
                      Bar Room Meltdown
                               Fast Train

Eleven Years.  Around 70 songs written spread out over 6 CD's.
The Human appreciates all your support over the years. I do this for fun and dig it that more
and more of you like it all over the world.


Thursday, July 20, 2017

New CD

New Human Project CD, "Humanized" is released.

The Human.

Hey all fans of The Human Project.  His first new CD in over 3 years has been officially released.
It was recorded in Fresno, CA from March 2017 to June. It contains 9 new Human Project tracks.

Fast Train is getting airplay on Bear Radio out of Buffalo New York. Clink link, go to request page, and Clink on F.  You can request Fast Train. Big help to Human Project Music.

Human Project #1 Requested Song

Why? Great Fans.

Humanize will also be on The Independent Music Show out of Lurgan, N. Ireland soon.  CD is on the way to station manager Tom Lambert.

Here are some links to check out with some tracks from sites like YouTube, etc.

As soon as CD is out on ITunes and Spotify, I will notify you.

This blog is where the most in-depth Human Project updates take place.  This is where The Real Human Project Fans come.  Other sites like Facebook, I don't waste much of my time with. They are more of a social sites, borderline silly and not for serious music lovers. This is where The Real Stuff is.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

CD Updates

All the tracks on the CD are complete.  All the tracks have been uploaded to Disc Makers out of New Jersey.  They have done all but one of my previous releases.  Artwork has been sent in for them to work with.  If all goes well in this area, could be officially released in mid-July. This recent effort took 3 months from walking into the studio to the finish.  I think it will be one of my best, certainly one that defines my style maybe better than the others.

Here is link to You Tube of "Fast Train."  A typical Human Project Rocker.

Stay tuned, will be keeping you updated as drop date arrives and it is on all distribution sites.

The Human
6th CD, "Humanize" Getting Ready to Drop.

Get Humanized.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

New CD Updates. May Downloads

Greetings Human Project Fans.

The new CD is taking a little longer than expected.  I take blame for this. I am working hard on the mixes to get them as good as I can.  The songs are good. They deserve to sound as good as they can.

Right now the tracks are being mastered.  I lucked out and got a killer mastering engineer who is mostly retired now, but agreed to work on my project. His name is Jeff Sanders. He was worked on BTO, War, War with Eric Burton, Stevie Wonder, REO Speedwagon and a host of other artists.  So I feel very lucky to get him on my project. He has moved to the Central Valley of California where I live, so it has made it easier.

I still see an end of June release. It could erode into early July, but I want to get this one right in all phases.  Nine new Human Project tracks, and the first new CD in 3 years.

May was an awesome download month for Human Project Music.  16 pages of downloads. 35 different songs.  Lots of European downloads as well as USA from sites like Spotify and ITunes and other sites too. This provides great momentum for da music as the new CD is about to be released.

Top Downloads for May 2017

High Anxiety                                        Human Project II, Humanized 2008
Requiem For Washington                     Last Train Out 2011
Hi Fallutin Momma                              The Real Stuff 2006
Jimmy's Juke Joint                                The Real Stuff 2006
Bad Luck                                               Best of the Human Project 2010
Standing in the Shadows                       The Real Stuff 2006

The Human With Jerry Leal of Pyramid Studio's 
Fresno, CA

Was in Seattle recently. Home of Jimi Hendrix.

Loyd got the nickname The Human in his early 20's.  So when he gets guys together to play live or record, this group is called The Human Project.  There is little demand for original music in the Central Valley where he resides, so he rarely plays live anymore. If the right opportunity presented itself. He would.

This will be his 6th CD. His music sells world-wide.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

April Downloads For Human Project Music.

Human Project fans world-wide continue to amaze  with their support of the Human's music.  The fans are a special group of people who dig The Human's style and his lyrics. It is hard to put his music in a box or category, its simply can best be described as Human Rock. He has is own style that draws from decades of listening to music and ultimately this shows up in his music.  Even more exciting for all Human Project fans is a new CD is on the way in June with 9 new original Human Project tracks.

You can get physical copy of all Human Project CD's at
You can get em from me too signed.  Just got to message me. Leave a comment if you are interested.

Human Project Music is on Spotify and iTunes and other download sites as well.

The Top Downloads for April were:

High Anxiety.                   From Human Project II, Humanized. 2008

Norwegian Wood              From Human's Last Stand  2014

Bad Luck                            From Best of the Human Project 2010

Jimmy's Juke Joint             From The Real Stuff 2006

Requiem For Washington  From Last Train Out 2011

Overall, there were 34 different Human Project Tracks that were downloaded from his 5 different releases.

Best of 2010





"No One Writes em Like The Human"

Thursday, May 4, 2017

CD Updates

About finished mixing. This is the stage where The Human gets particular about things. Drive the engineer crazy time.  Because if you let it out after this, too late. If anything bothers you at all, you better fix it now.  It's hard to live with it once its out there.

This CD is as close to live Human Project as you will ever get.  Very similar to 2006 "The Real Stuff."

Six tracks were recorded in one session at Pyramid Studio in Fresno.  The Drums, Bass, Human Rhythm and Lead Guitar are what you hear on this CD in their original state.  Keyboards were brought in. AC Myles was brought to add some hot guitar work.  Sharon Jordan Leal of Eve's Burden was brought in to spice up harmonies and add some soul.  Mission Accomplished.  There is good variety on this CD from just finger poppin Human Project Stuff to killer blues, to hard rockin stuff like Take it All.  Two Tracks will be added from The Human's Studio and one Hidden Track will be on it as well, so only the hard core will find it will be only on the CD. So there will be a total of 9 Human Project Tracks.

In Case You missed it, here is promo link.  The tracks were more raw at this stage of production.

This will be the 6th CD Release for the Human who sells a lots of downloads of all his music world-wide.

If you want to know a little more about The Human, how he got his name, etc and more. Go to his website.

Keep checking back for updates. CD drop date early to mid-June.

Human Project fans. A small but mighty group who know their music.


Loyd Vandergriff
"The Human."

Friday, April 14, 2017

New CD Updates April 2017

Studio session is winding down.  All Tracks mixed and we are entering mastering phase.  Six tracks are coming out of Pyramid Studio in Fresno, CA. These were all cut in one session with killer Human Project Backing Band.  Some things were added to the tracks like keyboards and AC Myles Guitar on a couple of tracks.  The Human is also going to add 3 tracks from his home studio to bring total on CD to 9.  All original tracks by The Human.

Here is link to new Promo for the new, but yet untitled release.

Tracks in this promo at not mastered yet, so sound will be even hotter.

Keep checking blogs etc for updates and release date.

Human Project Fans are the best.  We know that.

The Human 2017
This is his 6th CD


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Studio Updates/New CD

Updates New CD

The last blog updated you on how the Human Project Sessions went on March 18, 2017.  During this time, the basic framework of 6 tracks were put down.   Since this time, The Human has been editing the tracks and bringing in other players to fill out the tracks.  Dan Bates from Fresno was brought in to lay down Hammond tracks. Special guest artist AC Myles was brought in to add his slide guitar work to one track and some good southern rock licks to another.  Finally vocals and harmonies have been added.  So we are at the mix-point now, moving closer to the mastering stage.  Also, The Human has 2 or 3 more tracks from his home studio that he is going to add to the final CD.

Here are a few more pics from Pyramid Studio in Fresno, CA

Jerry Leal
Pyramid Studio, Fresno

Special Guest
AC Myles
Slide and Lead on 2 Tracks.

Dan Bates

AC and The Human
The Kid is Good.

The Core Human Project
Dwayne, The Human, Ron and John

The Pyramid Sessions. March of 2017

Top Human Project Downloads for the month of March 2017.  Over 36 different Human Project Tracks were downloaded.  The Top Five Were:

America, Where Are We Now?
Norwegian Wood
Bad Luck
High Fallutin Momma
Standing in the Shadows

Human Project Music and be found on ITunes and Spotify.  Also there are good links to all 5 CD's on his website. He has released 5 CD's and 6 is on the way.  The Human likes this one.

New You Tube

The Human just put up a new You Tube Video to go with a song he recently wrote called, "Keep It To Yourself."  Its a sparse lit...