Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Top June Downloads and Misc

Greetings from the smokin hot Central Valley of California.  100+ bout everyday now.  Been off the grid for awhile, but I have the top Human Project downloads for June 2018.  This is from all the distribution sites like spotify, ITunes, etc.  44 different Human Project tracks downloaded!  The Human wrote 42 of em.  :)

1.  High Anxiety                        From Human Project II, Humanized. 2008
2. Requiem For Washington      From Last Train Out. 2011
3. Norwegian Wood                   From Last Train out. 2011.
4. Goin South                             From Human Project II, Humanized.
5. Stormy Night in Texas           From The Real Stuff. 2006
6. Hard Work Blues                   From Best of The Human Project. 2010
7. Fast Train                               From Humanized. 2017

The Human Plays Fenders.

Photo Shoot
Last Train Out 2011.

Get Humanized


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