Saturday, June 30, 2018

Deep Cut, Basement Tapes Human Project

Every so often I do a show with just Human Project stuff. This one is mostly made up of music that has not been released or for sale. Most of it was recorded in my home studio.  It has limitations, especially when it comes to drums, but other than that, I can get a strong sound.  Sometimes I use Conga's or get creative in other ways to make up for it. I like that raw sound I get. I play all the instruments, and some occasions I have my friend Adam, AC Myles come over and he will put a lead track down. This has worked out well, considering no practice goes into it, he just lays it down.  It adds to spontaneousness of it.  The last track, "Connection," is my most recent studio track. I have not done one of these in well over a year.  I talked about this in an earlier blog, but it's a Jagger/Richards tune that was covered by Montrose in 1974. I pattern my cover more after this one.  Very happy with the results. It has not been released for sale yet.

Tracks on the Show

Blowing in The Wind              (Dylan)
Keep it To Yourself
For What It's Worth                 (Stills)
Blues State of Mind
Mescaline Alley
Evil on the Loose
Bad Luck
Hank Didn't Do it This Way    (Jennings)
Vicodin Blues
Connection (NEW STUDIO)  (Jagger-Richards)

Link to show:

Thanks for your support of Human Project Music.  Appreciate ya where ever you are all around the globe.

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