Saturday, June 9, 2018

First CD The Real Stuff

Most of you know The Human Played in bands during high school from 1967-1969.  The Anonymous Five, Trans Love Airway, and Black Earth. All these bands were excellent. Often times they were paired with bigger older groups.  They opened for The Commonwealth in Hanford in 1967. The Commonwealth was fronted by Tom Johnston who went on to Doobie Brother fame.  After High School. Loyd went off to college and the music from a playing standpoint was over for him. Oh he still listened to plenty, but no more giggin. So from approxiamately 1969-2004 The Human was inactive and not playing. This is a 45 year period.  In 2004 he met some guys in his neighborhood and he was invited to jam with them. This this started the ball rolling toward him playing again. He met a few key players. He purchased a Boss BR 1600 that had 8 tracks and a drum machine and he started writing using this. He had no idea of the songs were anygood or not. His guitar chops were, to say the least...rusty.  In a few months time he had written Jimmy's Juke Joint, Ridin This Train, Red Vette Roll, Standing in the Shadows, Working Too Hard, Hi Fallutin Momma and Headin for Tennessee.
So he decided to roll the dice and go into a recording studio with them.  Some of the guys he had been jamming with he took with him.  The sessions that went down in 2006 became The Real Stuff.
He sent it to Gateway Mastering in Portland, Maine and Adam Ayan mastered it and it has a nice warm sound. Once this CD was put into distribution channels The Human was in for a surprise, because it hit pretty big in Europe, especially Be Goode Records in Bern, Switzerland.  So, The Human was off and running temporarily at least.  He took some gigs at Stanford and some local gigs. but chemistry with some band members caused this temporary roll to grind to a halt from a playing live perspective.  But understand that The Real Stuff is an excellent CD. Raw, and da good Human lyrics and driving beats. It also would catapult him forward to the next one, Human Project II, Humanize in 2008 that he will discuss in a future blog.

Track Listing:

Hi Fallutin Momma
Ridin This Train
Headin For Tennessee
Stormy Night In Texas
Jimmy's Juke Joint
Workin Too Hard
Standing in the Shadows
Red Vette Roll

All of these tracks are available at spotify, ITunes and all distribution sites. The physical CD is available at CDBaby.  If you know the human at all he will send you one signed for $20.00. There are not many copies of The Real Stuff left. It is becoming a collectors item.

The Real Stuff 2006

Link to The Real Stuff Physical CD.

The Human has a really good core fan base. They dig his style and lyrics that tell good stories. No cheesy lyrics..its real music. Over time fans world-wide will sniff out good music like they did The Human.  His fans are the best.

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