Tuesday, June 12, 2018

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How does a relatively obscure artist that lives in a quiet town in the Central Valley of California manage to sell quite a bit of music domestically and internationally?

Nothing happens overnight.  Lots of work goes into all the songs.  Attention to detail. Attention to the small things that go into a track. Shakers, harmonies, balance. Emphasis on quality. Emphasis on uniqueness.

Good lyrics.  Lyrics that tell stories people can relate too. Things they have done. Things they have thought about doing.  Things that make them smile. No cheesy lyrics. No fluff. No songs clearly put out that are shallow and superficial that an 8th grader could write.  Human songs and lyrics come from living through interesting times. Listening to tons of music over the years. Going through many life experiences. It all surfaces one way or another in the music.

Marketing, Persistence. Consistency. I take no one or nothing for granted. I promote my music on many different sites. I take no site for granted. Even on sites where I get little response, I promote it there. You know why? Many still read it. They may choose for whatever reason not to comment, but they read it.  You can't sell shit if you don't take time to promote it.  I take no fan for granted. Anyone that takes the time to make a comment on my music, I thank them personally.  They are fans. They are the ones that buy and download the music. They deserve respect. They spread the word.

Unique rhythm guitar and style. While The Human is not an A List guitar player especially lead, his rhythm style makes and helps define his songs. Many have told him this. There is no Human Project without his rhythm guitar work, lyrics, and production and arrangement of each song.  It is unique, a big reason for sales of his music.

Nothing really happens overnight.  Unless you are lucky. Have a big label to back you, that throws marketing muscle behind you.  Have management. (can be shaky)  The Human has not played live in years (that's another blog lol) While this would certainly help promote and spread his music, he still manages to sell.  He compensates by paying attention to everything he has written about here.

So here we are. 6 CD's released from 2006-2017.  This has only happened because the music is noticed.  That is a driving force to continue on.  So, thanks to the fans for taking time to listen. Appreciate.  Purchase.  In one way or another, efforts will be made to keep da Human Project stuff flowing your way.


The Human was nominated by an artist from Louisiana soon after the release
of The Real Stuff in 2006.  Award was granted soon after.

The Human 2017.

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