Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Updates. Response to "Connection."

Pleased with response to my new song "Connection."  Again, very different for me, (especially being a cover)  but sometimes different is good and refreshing.  I am not releasing it as single just sitting on it. You never know, it might go on a new CD, or later might appear as a single. I am keeping my options open.

One of the best compliments I got yesterday was from Jeff Sanders who mastered it. He also mastered 2017 "Humanize." He said, "I enjoy working on your stuff. You don't sound like anybody else."  Awesome coming from a man with a resume like he has. Check it out. Stevie Wonder, Bachman Turner Over Drive, Eric Burden and War, REO Speedwagon, Jefferson Starship on and on.
He is semi retired now, but does take on "select" clients. You can damn sho count The Human as one of em.

If you didn't hear Connection yet, you can check it out here, the first song on Human's Show on Podomatic.  (done the show for 8 years. do it for fun. Play tracks from personal collection)

Human's show has a broad base of countries that check in to listen and download. Here are some that checked in yesterday. USA, Turkey, Netherlands, Russia, Georgia, Spain, Nigeria, Sweden, Brazil, UK, Belgium, Italy, South Africa, Ireland, Japan.

This was from last show.

Real Music
For Real People
Get Humanized

Royalty Check From CD Baby
I get these because you, the my music.
"We are all in this together."

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