Thursday, June 28, 2018

Human Project Discography

Loyd Vandergriff aka "The Human," recorded his first CD in 2006 called The Real Stuff.  He had not played seriously at all for well over 30 years when he started messin around again.  This first "just for fun" effort hit with a bang in Switzerland and other places, got him a big gig at Stanford University and ultimately into the Blues Hall of Fame in 2010 as a representative from Clovis, CA.  Given all this, The Human decided to write and record another CD, "Human Project II, Humanize" in 2008.  He considers this one of his best efforts.  Due to a small but loyal international fan following, he just kept going.  His most recent effort was 2017's "Humanize."  This CD has continued the momentum established by earlier releases and his download sales every month are strong.  He continues to write and has many songs "in the can."  You never know when "The Human," will release another one.

The Real Stuff 2006
Hit big in Switzerland put him on map in a small way.

Human Project II Humanized 2008
Follow up to The Real Stuff
Mastered at Sterling Sound NYC

Best of HP + 4 new tracks 2010

Last Train Out. 2011

Human's Last Stand 2014

Humanize 2017

Human Project Fans are very discerning people that are persistent in
their efforts to find good music on the web. The Human is grateful
they stumbled across his stuff.

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