Thursday, June 28, 2018


Loyd got the nickname, "The Human," in his early 20's. He got it for a variety of reasons, but the main ones were his love for music, coupled with the extreme enjoyment of  cold beer and high volume listenin.  He always had music goin. Car. Home. He had a Teac 3300 Reel to Reel and people would ask him to bring it to parties.  He just plugged that in and the party was on.  If you came to visit, you better like music.  His close friends still call him The Human. In 2005 when he started writing songs and decided to record a CD, he decided the best name for this endeavor would be The Human Project. This stuck too.  99% of the songs are written by The Human.  Doesn't matter who plays on the CD with him because this can change some, the final product is always....The Human Project and has that Human Project sound.  So after 13 years and 6 CD's, The Human Project still exists.  It was only supposed to be one CD for fun.  :)  Slowly he has developed a small loyal fan base and sells alot of music over the various music distribution sites.  His music is real, people can relate and identify to it, and can make them smile. Once people really take the time to listen closely, they find his songs can be complex with very good lyrics.   Below is a discography of CD's he has released.

The Real Stuff 2006
Hit big in Switzerland put him on map in a small way.

Human Project II Humanized 2008
Follow up to The Real Stuff
Mastered at Sterling Sound NYC

Best of HP + 4 new tracks 2010

Last Train Out. 2011

Human's Last Stand 2014

Humanize 2017

Human Project Fans are very discerning people that are persistent in
their efforts to find good music on the web. The Human is grateful
they stumbled across his stuff.

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