Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Video of the Week

Taliban Man

The Human has started to put up what he calls a YouTube "Video of the Week."  Of course it will feature one of his songs. Last week he put up "Politics."  This week the video is based on his song "Taliban Man." written in and around 2009.  The song gives a bit of visual history surrounding the Afghan war and The Taliban.  This was a hard track for the Human to release.  He keeps it low key as he can. He does have some fear of reprisals in some form because of it.  He points the mindset of The Taliban. He points out some of our involvement in Vietnam, there are parallels. Then he points out our effort there and why this also takes on a Vietnam like aura.  The poignant last line sums it all up.
"And Taliban Man just sits and waits. Just like the Cong he filled with hate." 17 years there. We just keep sending our men and women over despite and campaign or political rhetoric you might here.
Our youth and students, not sure they can point out Afghanistan on a map. Not sure they understand the politics surrounding the war. The Geo-Political history of the region. Might help. Yes I taught all that.

Friends and fans of The Human Project, Enjoy Taliban Man from Best of the Human Project 2010.

This track was recorded on a Boss BR 1600 digital recorder in his home studio. The Human Plays all the instruments.

The Human taught High School history and government from 1975-1995.

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