Friday, June 1, 2018

History of the Human Project

This is a cool YouTube Video kinda outlining a visual history of The Human Project.  It really started in about 2005.  "The Human," got the nickname in is early 20's. He was a live wire, always had good music. Knew all the lyrics. A force of nature when it came to partying and cranking up tunes.  So late one night, one of his friends called him THE Human and it stuck.  When he goes into a recording studio no matter who he takes in,  the result is called The Human Project. He writes all the songs, produces, or co-produces, finances and markets all of it.  100% of his success comes from you. The fans.  It's a damn cool story.

History of The Human Project

The Human
6 CD's released.
A small army of cool fans.  
It's a damn good time.

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