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The Human originally wrote this song in around 2012 or so. Just as today, gridlock, bickering, partisanship, and a lack of compromise dominated.  He recorded it and it landed on his 2014 CD, Human's Last Stand.  In 2017 things were getting even worse, so he re-recorded it in his home studio with AC Myles providing lead guitar work. It is a sparser and rawer version, which the Human believes is a superior one to the original.

The lyrics are poignant and even biting.  Here are a couple of excerpts.

"Can't talk about no politics, or ideology. Can't talk about religion, I think thats plain to see. Can't find no equilibrium, ain't no compromise in sight. It's bitter, bitter, bitter. Everyone things they are right.

"You know there's drought and famine. Floods and lots of quakes, But man's too busy fightin, spreadin all his hate. I pray for all our children. I pray it's not too late. We're all in this together. We shouldn't hesistate."

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The Human

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