Thursday, May 10, 2018

Fans and Miscellaneous

Thanks for a strong response to another one of Human's Shows on Podomatic featuring his music.
He rarely does shows of his music exclusively, but does on occasion.

The Human has hosted Human's show for over 8 years. He plays a variety of music from his personal collection of music.  He has listeners from all over the world. Below is the link if you wanna get in on the party.

Many people from all over the world download The Human's music.  Some go the extra mile and buy the physical CD.  Below are some pics of loyal Human Project fans.  Some dug the music so much they wanted a T shirt too.  So......they got one and got themselves Humanized.

Torino, Italy

Teplice Czech Republic
Greetings from Czech Rep. Thanks for the message from you .Let me congratulate you for your unique blues-rock music style which combine of the seventies music with decent southern-rock flavor. When I listen Fast Train track from your last cd it´s like J.J.Cale was standing in front of me. Jan 

Castelnuovo, Belbo
Northern Italy

The Human has released 6 CD's from 2006-2017.  99% of the tracks are original compostions. His fan base has steadily grown over the years.  He can be found on most all music distribution sites.

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