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Commentary on Human Project Podcast

This blog provides commentary on the current Human Project podcast of some of  Human's songs.
These tracks for the most part, are not his top sellers. He just did a show on those recently. These are just some tracks he thought the fans might like, especially the inside info on each of the tracks.

Link to podcast is below.


The Songs:

Running From The Shotgun:
Inside info: There are 2 versions of this song.  One recorded in 2010 that is pretty much live in the studio.  Minimal dubbing.  This version is the one on the Podcast. While a little rough around the edges, it has a more live and organic feel to it.  The other version is on "Last Train Out," 2011.  This is studio version. Neither version met my expectations because I felt and still feel its a great song.  Kid gets sucked in by hot Jehovah girl and the song tells the rest of the story.  This version you hear features Human Project regular Dwayne Janzen on lead guitar, and Tom Scott on keyboards. The drummer and bass player  I had never used and did not get the chemistry I liked with them. This is one reason these sessions got cut short with just 4 tracks.  They all went on Best of The Human Project.  It's the only place you can get them.

Recorded at Fast Traxx Studio Fresno, CA 2010
Produced by The Human
Bill Sayre Engineer.

Hardwork Blues
This track also from same session as "Shotgun."  The band did pretty well getting locked in on this one and ultimately I felt pretty good about this track. Dwayne Janzen and Tom Scott did their thing and The Human's rhythm guitar drives the track.
Song is about a guy's desire to "do anything" to get the girl. Even if it means to stop drinkin that hootch and work on her daddy's farm. Mercy.

Both of These Tracks were recorded at Fast Traxx Studio Fresno, CA
Produced by The Human
Bill Sayre Engineer.

Standing in the Shadows
Basic Tracks recorded at The Sound Garden Studio in Porterville, California on analog tape.
This song almost "never happened," It was the last song we did in the session.  The band had not even heard it before. I had a little scratch version I did recorded onto a disc.  I played it for them.  They listened a few times, then we went out and cut the track you hear. Real live vibe.  Worse, Dwayne Janzen, lead guitar player had tore up his shoulder skiing.  His left arm was still in a sling. Still he gritted it out and laid down a scorching  lead track.  On a Saturday morning Jo Anna Stephens came in and put the killer harmony vocals down. Make sure to listen to her at the end of the song.  She had been invited to record in Nashville.  The saga of this song is not over.  In the end, I did not like the sound of the drums and the track lacked vitality I wanted. So...I took the master tapes to Fresno to Fast Traxx and transferred this track to pro tools.  Bill Sayre then used drum programs to fatten the drum sound.  I brought Nate Ketner in to lay a sax solo on the second break.  Then it was re-mixed.
And...Standing in The Shadows was finally finished. I consider it one of my most powerful songs.
It's on 2006, The Real Stuff.
Produced by The Human
Engineer Bill Sayre

Workin Too Hard
The first song I ever wrote after coming back from over a 35 year lay-off from music.  I had played in rock bands in High School all 4 years.  Good ones in the late 60's.  Then, put guitar down and off to college and life. I got a Strat in 2005 and Boss BR 1600 recorder and started foolin around. Workin Too Hard is first I came up with. I met some cool dudes along the way...good players. We recorded Working Too Hard at the Fast Traxx sessions on a Saturday in 2006.  Lots of cold beer was flowing.  This was a great version of The Human Project with Dwayne Janzen on Lead, Ron Greeley on Drums, Brian Beale on Bass and myself. Tom Scott was brought in to lay down keys and Nate Ketner put the sax down. All the songs from this session just kicked ass, including Jimmy"s Juke Joint, Red Vette Roll, and Hi Fallutin Momma. This CD got me a gig at Stanford homecoming.  People dug it. Put me on the map.
The Human..Producer
Bill Sayre Engineer
Fast Traxx 2006

Juke Joint Showdown
I had done Human Project II, Humanized with Dana Long at his studio in Visalia, CA in 2008.  A couple of years later I attempted to start another CD with him. He got a little studio and the basic framework for Juke Joint Showdown was laid down. It was John Dee's on Bass. Dana on Drums, and me..The Human on rhythm guitar. Then Dana had personal problems.  Sessions were shut down. I finally got him to transfer the track to a disc and I took it to Cobalt Studio in Fresno to finish the track.  Richie Blue plays the lead part. I put all the harmonies in at the end.  But Dana Long's drumming on this track is killer.  Drives the track. Song ends up being powerful rocker and tells a good story, like most of The Human's songs do. This version is on Human's Last Stand 2014.
Finished at Cobalt Studio, Fresno, CA 2011.
Rafael Carmony Engineer
The Human Producer

Lookin For My Freak Flag
This track was from the Human's Last Stand sessions at Fast Traxx in Fresno 2014.  I took an approach in recording this CD that I would not bring a band in, but patch it together kinda like I did with Human Project II, Humanized 2008.  This project was a struggle from start to finish, bringing in people and getting them in synch with the track.  Lookin For My Freak Flag came from these sessions. Bill Sayre plays drums and Dave Wallace did a good job on the keyboards.  My friend, AC Myles, fresh off a tour of Europe with John Nemeth, came in and laid down the absolutely killer lead track.  Song is about guy who just stopped partying and stopped having fun. One day he decided bleep this. Went lookin for his freak flag.  :)  He did put it back on.
Fast Traxx 2014
Bill Sayre Engineer
The Human Producer.

The Stripper
Another song from 2014 Fast Traxx sessions.  Track was pieced together.  The Human Plays the acoustic guitar and bass. Bill Sayre drums. Dwayne Janzen brought in to lay lead track down. That's it.  Song did not achieve expectations The Human had for it, but none the less a decent track.
Lyrics are self explanatory. Mercy
Fast Traxx 2014
Bill Sayre Engineer
The Human Producer

18 Wheels
This track, incredibly enough, was recorded in Human's Home Studio on Boss BR 1600 recorder.  The Human plays all instruments. He took the recorder to Tom Scott's house and had him lay down what turned out to be a raging keyboard solo and killer keyboard backing.  This Track was put on 2014 Human's Last Stand.  It sometimes pops into the top downloaded tracks.  Of course, its about Truckers.
The Human Producer, Engineer.

Are You Sure Hank Done it This Way?
One of the few covers the Human has done. Did this track on a whim in home studio on Boss BR 1600. Brought in ex-student David Brown to put down mandolin track. This was a "just for fun," track that is not for sale anywhere.  He just wanted to share it with fans.

Blues State of Mind
Recorded at home on Boss BR 1600.  This is a cool little diddy The Human wrote.  He had AC Myles come over and put some lead guitar down, and The Human tosses in some tasty harmonica.  A short but sweet little jam.  Not for sale either, although The Human has thought about it.

Many of these tracks are not ever in the top sales or downloads of  Human's Music. He just did a prior show with those. He just hand picked these for fun to share with you..the fans.  Who are in his mind...The best on the Planet.

Best of The Human Project, 2010.

Peace and Thanks to the Fans.
The best.

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