Friday, May 4, 2018

New Single

The Human has released a new single, "Keep it To Yourself."  It is a sparse stripped down track with a cool groove to it.  He got his friend AC Myles to lay down a cool lead guitar track that helps establish the ambiance The Human wanted.  Sometimes, when you get to groovin and catch a little's better to "Keep It To Yourself."  That in a nutshell is what the track is all about.  It can be downloaded from all major distribution sites, although it may not yet be uploaded to all of them yet.

Link to "Keep it To Yourself.

A couple day's ago on "Human's Show," on Podomatic, The Human featured his top 6 download sales for the month of April, 2018.  This show had over 325 downloads world-wide and has proved to be one of his most popular shows ever. If you missed it, here is the link for you to check it out.

Human's Show. Human Project Top 6 Downloads for April 2018.

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