Tuesday, May 1, 2018

April Download Sales and More

A good month for Human Project download sales for April after March was off just a little.

A total of 46 songs were downloaded. 44 or them were written by The Human. (Loyd Vandergriff)
Especially gratifying is how many different countries are involved in listening and downloading world-wide. 15 different countries and the USA.  People world-wide are finding Human Project Music and listening to it. 

The Top Downloads for April were:

High Anxiety                                     Human Project II, Humanized
Fast Train                                           Humanize
Requiem For Washington                  Last Train Out
Bar Room Meltdown                         Humanize
Norwegian Wood                               Human's Last Stand
Got Myself In Trouble                       Humanize

The Human just made a YouTube video that goes over the downloads for April and also explains how he markets his music and promotes it. Informative for new artists and even older ones as well.


If you haven't followed The Human on youtube, subscribe to his channel. Some good stuff there.

He fly's hot and heavy under the mainstream radar but gets noticed by the people who count. His fans. They are knowledgeable and discerning when it comes to music.  The Human brings it for them.

The Human



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