Sunday, May 13, 2018

High Anxiety

High Anxiety is from Human Project II, Humanized recorded over a 8 month stretch in 2008.  The Human worked with Dana Long in Visalia, and this cd is a result of their collaboration, persistence and hard ass work.  Dana Long added so much to the quality of the CD from Drums to lead guitar work. There are some stellar tracks on here and one is High Anxiety, one of the Human's top downloads every month.  The final product was sent to Sterling Sound In NYC and mastered by Steve Fallone.  This is a quality CD. Steve Fallone included it in his list of clients for that year.

Dana Long and The Human
Making of Human Project II, Humanized.

Here is a link to new video that features High Anxiety.

The Physical CD can be purchased at CDbaby.

Thanks for supporting Human Project Music.  No big advertising budgets. No big label.  Just the fans who spread the word.  The best fans. Love and Peace.

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